How it Works

1Find a great apartment

Use the Rent Rebate web site to find a great apartment, or call one of our friendly apartment experts.

2Tell Them We Sent You

Before you visit an apartment in person, click the "I'm Coming to Visit" button on the Rent Rebate web site. When you arrive, the apartment complex may ask you to fill out a Guest Card. Be sure to put down Rent Rebate as the agent that referred you. You have to follow both of these steps or you may not be eligible for the rebate.

3Sign Your Lease

This is the most important part.

When you sign your lease, you must list Rent Rebate as the referrer on your lease application. If you have roommates, each person must list Rent Rebate as the locator or agent that referred you.

4Claim Your Rebate

After you sign your lease (but before you move in), come back to Rent Rebate and click the Claim Your Rebate button. Fill out the form, and we will start processing your rebate.

5Get Your Check

After you move in, we will send you a rebate check.